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ok now that i am warm again my leg hurts like WOAH.  I may be a cripled for the rest of my life.  Anyways yeah i spent the day working on my car and me and my dad had to dig out a 15 ft poll from under 4-5 ft of snow and drag it inside.  It allmost killed us but we did it.  even though i am in pain this may be one of the better days of my break. 

no plans for tonight but tomorrow should be good, as long as everyone just stays cool. 

the odds are good but the good are odd

you know i talk about wanting a guy, and i do but does that mean i have to go out with the only guy who asks?  and the worst thing is this does not even bost my self asteem becuase he is probably the last guy on the face of this earth that i would like to date.  its like he probably looked at me and said well she is not going to get anyone else so maybe she is desperate enough to date me.  why cant i just find a normal guy?  am i really that ugly/stupid/anoying? 

i am sorry i havent talked to you enough, we need to be there for each other even though your so far away.  i miss you like fucking woah.

ps this is about nicky, lol it could apply to a few diffrent pple so thought i would be specific


so much work to do, and so many things to think about.  latley i have been getting this sick feeling like something is worng but i think i am just being peranoyed.  i am really looking forward to this weekend.  i hope it turns out ok.  BLAH to the 10th degree

people make me mad to easly...

so  first thing on the 2007 complane list:
why do i let pple bug me so much.   and why is it i feel like sometimes i am the only one keeping people together.  if i let go would anyone even notice?  Was High School worth anything to anyone other then me?  does anyone care to keep friendships alive that seem to only move apart? Do they care enough to keep things together if i stoped calling?  will i ever feel like we are a group again or is it just going to be like this forever? 
all i know is when we graduated i thought we would stick together, allways stay in touch but thats not the way i see it working out any more. nobody tries and eventualy a break will pass when we dont even see eachother.  you wont call on my birthday or when something happens you wont be around to help.  it deffinaly has changed hasent it, and i dont know if i like it

white yes, nerdy HELL NO

OK someone show me how to past one of those things in my LJ?  I GOT 10% white and nerdy  OMG JESS E GOT 24%  HAHAHHA

dude only 2 more finals then i am going to the cuse!

Nov. 8th, 2006


For Now:

I thank.  A merciful God.  And I am sure each and every one of us will thank that 

Supreme Power,

whatever we conceive that power to be, that peace is at hand.

May. 19th, 2006

Here jen is the pics of the fish.

thats it for now

i dont care

I dont care is you read this, it just does not matter to me any more. Why you have to be childish and read my LJ with out saying anything is beyond me. the fact of the matter is that you obously dont care enough to talk to me so why would you care enough to read about whats going on in my life. its fucked up. last thing i need to say is if feel like talking to me, there are 2 weeks left in this year- and unless i hear something in that time i dont see how we can ever get over this. it really is up to you.

2 weeks and i am gone home

i need to say something...


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